Thursday, February 4, 2010

How do zombies tweet? With their iPhones! (what? zombies need cell phones too...)- Miss War

Happy Birthday, Mr. Romero!!

In honor of visionary director George Romero's 70th birthday, the evil-tastic folks at have officially declared today TWEET LIKE A ZOMBIE DAY!  We can only imagine this is somewhat like Talk Like a Pirate Day,  except you only have 140 characters with which to type "Arrrrrrrrrrrg!"

"Arrrg, braiiins arrrrrg mother smurfer!"  Hm.  Zombies DO talk like Pirates. And Smurfs.

Today we remember Romero's great contribution to the apocalypse: The Modern Zombie.  Before his masterpiece, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD , rising from the dead had a VERY different connotation...

But thanks to Romero, today we can enjoy:

Buddy Zombies

Baby Zombies

And Dancing Zombies

So head on over to, where all day they're paying tribute to the Master of Horror by posting interviews, streaming zombie-esque movies, teaching you how to move like a zombie, and other fun and festive grunt-worthy entertainment!

But don't forget to first go TWEET like a Zombie!
ILuvWar is at McBrains w  @Zombibrains & @humnsrtasty! NomNomArg!

Miss War

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