Friday, July 31, 2009

Miss War - Welcome!

Hello Fellow Apocalyptees!

Let me be the first to welcome everyone to our blog. Wow, the girls and I have been planning, prepping and gearing up for what is sure to be an AWESOME apocalypse for what seems like forever (well over 5,000 years and counting, but that's really dating myself!)

We like to consider ourselves the Ladies of the Apocalypse. Behind every horseman of the apocalypse is a horsewoman with a bitchin' manicure.

C'mon, the first sign of the apocalypse was NOT letting your cuticles go to shit. Get with the program, girls! We can't just go screaming into the night in last season's Uggs and a ratty blood-splattered t-shirt. Let's go out with a bang in style.

It's not all fun and games dealing with the End of Days. Do you have any idea how much heat a flaming sword of vengeance emits? I've all but given up on fighting hair frizz. But that won't stop the girls and I from sharing our expertise on dealing with and planning for the apocalypse in style. We are just like the Sex and the City girls, but with far more ammunition. From style and dating to wedding planning and dining out during times of famine and pestilence, we've got you covered.

Your days may be numbered, but that's no excuse for not living each day to the fullest!

Here is the breakdown of how we will be blogging:

Miss War (that's me) : Movies, Music and Entertainment

Miss Death: Fashion and Style (because skinny bitches can wear anything,
and frankly, she's all skin and bones.)

Miss Famine: Dining and Travel (including dealing with emergency situations, as it were. HA!)

Miss Conquest: Dating and Social Events (because dating can be hell.)

So look for our weekly blogs on how you can go beyond just surviving the apocalypse, you can rock the apocalypse!

Peace, Love and Survival!
Miss War

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