Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miss Death: Signs of the Apocalypse


You might have noticed that signs of the forthcoming Apocalypse are popping up all over the place these days. Well, nothing increases your chance of survival like recognizing the signs and being PREPARED. For your safety, we'll be posting a Sign of the Week, but we're going to need some help, readers! And that's where YOU come in. Whenever you see a sign that we're approaching the End of Times, snap it, grab it, post it, or email it to!

What's that you say? A Diva Demon broke your camera during a fashion shoot? Those pesky vampires keep running away from the flash? Dropped your cell phone in a River of Blood?

Never Fear! We're not looking for pictures of our own handiwork. No, we're looking for signs that are so much worse than boils and locusts -- things that are so terrifying that even WE couldn't conceive of them...

We're looking for the things that inspire a chilling fear deep in your soul...

Things like THIS --

Seriously?! HAREM pants? As in... MC HAMMER Pants!? I only have one question for all of the designers, buyers, and retailers out there. Do me a favor. Look at your watch. And tell me. IS it Hammer Time?? IS IT!?!!?!?

Ok. Deep breaths, Death. Deep Breaths...

So we beg of you readers, send us your weak, your weary. Your stilleto sneakers. Your shoulder pads. Your inappropriately skinny jean sightings. (Who knew the Apocalypse was really the 80s?) Send us your slap bracelets!!! ('Cause trust me, when THOSE make a comeback you KNOW the end is near!). And we will proudly post them for all the world to fear!

Ta ta and to die for,
Miss Death

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