Friday, July 31, 2009

Miss Famine: Brightening up the Hovel, Part One

Miss Famine here. Living in a hovel at the end of the world seems like it would be quite depressing, but really, it's just another opportunity to exercise ones creativity. So Ikea got totally infested with zombie's last month. So what? That doesn't mean a civilized person can't have a lovely home. I started out this particular project by pillaging the burned out apartment building across the street. We all need to recycle in this, our hour of need.

Take a look at what I found:

A bit rough around the edges, and little love it will be ADORABLE!

So, I took a little walk, okay a four mile walk, but its the apocalypse people, sometimes even a lady has to hoof it, down to my local hardware store. In between the gas masks and the machetes (we'll talk about how to make an adorable home made zombie killing machine soon, it's SO much fun) I found the paint department and had them mix up a pretty pale yellow.

Then, I used a simple phillips-head screw driver (yes, the one with the X shaped head, an innovation dreamed up by Henry F. Phillips) and removed the handles, hinges and everything else that didn't need a good coat of paint.

I applied one coat:

Then two more, just to make sure the paint is sold and even:

Drying time is extremely important. If you don't let your beautiful paint job get chipped, or, heaven forbid, get paint on your jeans, cuz, there are only so many perfect pairs of jeans in this Apocalypse.

Come back tomorrow for Brightening up the Hovel, Part Two - Reassembly!

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