Thursday, January 21, 2010

End of Days - How Will You Spend Them? - Miss War

Hola Bitches. Let's get serious.

Seriously serious.

Ok, the girls and I have been a bit lazy as of recent. This laziness is reflecting in both my volume of blog posts and my ever growing thighs. (Eff you, Treadmill. I'll burn my cals with my new badass Universal Remote until this winter of discontent is over.)

So, we were imbibing the other night when Miss Death suggested from underneath her lampshade that we play the End of Days Game.

"What BE this End of Days Game," you ask? Oh, it's no different from the "Stranded on an Island" game, except that you have no chance of rescue. So, what favorite movie, book and song will you carry into the Great Abyss? Well, that's up to you (alcohol helps this game along nicely.)

See if you can top my answers (and don't get all "Apocalypse Now, Bible and Bach" on me. Be creative.)

Movie? The Big Lebowski. Why? Because you can literally watch this movie a millions times and keep finding new and interesting angles. We could analyze characters for YEARS! I mean, the Dude aside, what about Donnie? What does his death mean to the other characters? What is his back story? And Maude! And Bunny! And the Nihilists? So much to watch and discuss. (Admit it, you agree with this choice. It's a clear winner.)

Book? The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection. Why? See above. I know what you're saying. "What a Nerd!" But I believe in the power of this anthology for the same reason that I geek out over TBL above. You can literally read and disect every strip of that comic. It's written for an intelligent audience who still think like kids. Ah...le sigh. How I love these books.

Song? The Beatles. Imagine. No further explanation needed.

So, where do you stand? What are your top three answers?

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