Monday, December 7, 2009

Apocalyptic Website of the Week: There, I Fixed It! - Miss Famine

We’ve had many signs of the Apocalypse lately.  There are lots of terrible and horrible things that we need to warn you about - things that are trying their darndest to usher in the End of Days.  So many things in fact, that we’ve been neglecting our OTHER duties – helping you, teaching you, guiding you through this crazy apocalyptic wave.  (It’s right there in the title, folks!)

That’s why I’d like to bring this FANTASTIC WEBSITE to your attention today. Our resources are sometimes limited here in Armageddon, and because of that, we sometimes have to get a little MacGyver-y. (NOT the same as getting Maverick-y, FYI.)  And this website has it all. Helpful tips with a hilarious edge.  Fix your problems AND laugh them off at the same time! is practically a how-to guide for household problems.  What DO you do when you just can’t find a wrench to save your life? (No. Seriously.  Save your life.  The other day my faucet started leaking… but it wasn’t just water… there were blood-sucking alien leeches IN the water… I needed a wrench. STAT.).

So just HOW does solve all of your pesky problems....?

Say I used everything - including the kitchen sink - to barricade my hovel during a zombie attack.  Now what in Hades do I use for a sink?!?!

 Oh. That.

I’m having a party, but last week I used my silver bottle opener to take out a frisky werewolf.  Now how do I serve drinks?


I need to make a quick getaway from a tidal wave that’s about to wash away my hovel… But as luck would have it, I have a flat tire!!! WHAT DO I DO!?!

Luckily, there are children near by playing in a park. And I have no moral qualms about stealing toys from children at all whatsoever.

My kids are all crazy messed up in the future and I need to get use the Time Machine ASAP to stop them from effing everything up (even though this premise makes no sense in terms of urgency or stakes), but the Zombies stole all of my Plutonium!!!  How the heck do I make my Time Machine fly??

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t NEED roads…”  Just corn.

And those are just a few of the handy tips from This site is like the Bob Villa of the Apocalypse! Visit today!

*All photos are from the super handy, and super hilarious blog. 

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