Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copenhagen in a Nutshell of CO2 - Miss Death

I realize that I spend the majority of my time covering fashion and celebs, but I do have a brain inside this perfectly manicured skull. And from time to time, I like to use it. So today's recap will be a quick overview of the Copenhagen Conference on Global and Climate Change. Sounds fun, right? Stay with me....

In 2012, the Kyoto Protocal will expire. The Kyoto Protocol was put in place to create "binding limits" on the amount of CO2 that a country can emit. (Eh hem...that includes you, China.) So, in short, once the Kyoto Protocol expires, without a new protocol in place to stop countries from going hog wild and producing all the CO2 emissions they like, you are all screwed.

Not me. I'm already dead. It's sort of my thing.

Government reps from 170 countries will meet to duke it out over the new standards for carbon emissions. Sounds great, right? Except for that fact that this years Copehagen Summit will produce the largest carbon footprint of any summit to date.

Between travel, work and flights this summit will produce 46,200 tonnes of carbon emissions. That is "enough to fill 10,000 swimming pools" and is equivalent to the same amount produced by 2,600 Americans IN A YEAR. (Run away, little penguin! Run!)

1 step forward, 2 steps back. It's a deadly waltz we dance. But who am I to complain. Business for me is booming and the outlook on my industry is high. So keep up the great work, Copenhagen. We'll be headed for the next apocalypse in no time!

Signing off for now darlings! (No worries, I'll be back with more updates on pretty, frilly, sparkley things next time.)

I'll get off my high horse for now. (Her name is Shiela.)

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