Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get out 2009! And NEVER come back! - 4HW


Ok. So here’s the deal.  December was a busy month for the Four Horsewomen.  Yes, I know, “It’s a busy month for everyone.” But it’s particularly busy for us.  It involves certain…rituals…and preparations.  Traditionally, December is a VERY important month in the Apocalypse (hint hint). I mean, first there was that whole UFO over the Kremlin incident. African pythons decided to make Florida their new home (hey – who knew African pythons were retired New Yorkers?).  Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t keep up his end of our Apocalyptic Bargain.  And let’s not forget the Annual Horsewomen Holiday Retreat. (Yes, that’s right. We’ll admit it. We slacked off on our duties to go spend a few weeks in St. Lucia.  What? You didn’t spend a week or two knocking back eggnogs with your nearest and dearest in your family hovels? We Horsewomen just have different priorities, that’s all.  And Miss Conquest LOVES her rum.)

But just because we’re complete and total slackers doesn’t mean we don’t want jump on the Best of the Decade bandwagon as we happily kick 2009 out the window (good riddance!) and make way for 2010.  After all, the Aughts were nothing if not Apocalyptic.  (The tanking economy won 500 points for Gryffindor alone.)

So check back often as we look at some of the best Apocalyptic Fashion Disasters, Apocalyptic Celebrity Couples, movies, books and songs of the decade, and tune in to find out who we name as THE Honorary Horsewomen of the decade!

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