Friday, October 30, 2009

Apocalyptic Halloween Costumes - Miss Famine

Halloween is only one day away.  The girls and I are all set for our annual killer Halloween Party, but some of our friends have recently said they have NO idea what they should be this year.  Well, here are a few Apocalypse themed costumes, sure to be an icebreaker in any crowd.

The Obvious Costume: 2012
EITHER dress as Roland Emmerich (good luck), OR go as a Mayan running around with a calendar or blackberry. Time’s up!

The Timely Costume: SWINE FLU
Simple but effective.  Throw on a pig mask, or even a pig NOSE will do, and stick a thermometer in any of your favorite crevices. You’ll have a feverishly good time.

While you might fight over who gets to don a red leather jacket and single sparkly white glove, you’ll ALL have fun dressing as Farrah, Walter, Billy, and the slew of other celebrities that checked out this summer, making the rest of us think that the end is near.

The Couple Costume:  ANGEL AND DEVIL

Classic. Timeless. One can never go wrong with the good old Revelations costume.  Battle as Good and Evil all night, and as an extra game, see how many souls each of you can gather throughout your party.  Most names at the end wins!

The Abstract Costume:  SWISS SUPERCOLLIDER
Wear all black except for a strategically placed Swiss flag.  Hand out chocolate donut holes all night.  People may not know what you are, but they’ll sure love that you brought treats!

The Brainless Costume:  ZOMBIE
Duh.  Maybe go with someone dressed as the Swine Flu.  Be the Before and After.

The Ladies Brainless Costume:  SEXY ZOMBIE
Less cleaver.  More cleavage.


  1. OR! Dress as Patrick Swayze from SNL as the Chippendales Dancer. Male cleavage and dead celeb!

  2. I like your style!

    We'd be honored if you would consider cross posting some of your articles on our renegade black listed news forum.

  3. Going for opposites like the Angel and Devil is exactly one of the inspirations for donning couples costumes for 2012.