Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meatloaf Update - Now You've Gone Too Far - Miss Famine

Just as an update to yesterday's handloaf recipe, I found some new and exciting complementary body-part-loafs for you to make. Who, you ask, eats this much meatloaf? You ask too many questions. Just head into that little fallout shelter kitchen of yours and begin shaping that meat log into something we can all enjoy.

                                                    Like this! Feetloaf!

Yum! However, I would add a smoked apple jalepeno jelly to this for that special "toe jam" effect. 

No need to jump right into meatloaf brain surgery. Start simple, with a basic zombie meathead. Just don't forget the brains!

The pasta maggot is a nice touch. (happy sigh)

And lastly, I really like this meat series.

I call it "The Ex."

This one doesn't look too bright.


I call this one: "Why didn't you call me? I thought we had a really nice time. I mean, you said you'd call, but when you didn't, I called you, and some girl answered...I WILL CUT OUT YOUR HEART WITH A KNIFE" -loaf.

Sigh* Who doesn't love some yummy comfort food in the cool weather. I sure do! So feel free to submit photos of your own body part loafs!

Suck it, Rachel Ray.

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