Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shoes To Die Violently For - Miss Death

Bonjour Darlings. I'm just back from Spain where I enjoyed a fabulous holiday with a lovely young man (blush.) While in Spain, I unfortunately encountered enough bad fashion to last me an apocalypse. The Spanish are known for their food, wine, frivolity, charm...not their fashion. For further proof, I encourage you to review Exhibit A, their most popular clothing shop. Desigual.

When has it EVER been appropriate to pair denim with pink leopard print, purple zebra stripes and pleather? Not since the New Jersey Apocalypse of 1982.

Were I not a skeleton incapable of eating, I would lose my lunch. Moving on.

Once home from abroad, I quickly took in an Alexander McQueen show to get the bad taste of the euro-fash out of my mouth. What I saw was pure Hot Apoc.

Shoes for 2010 are clearly made for the fashionista on the run (screaming), who happens to also have an impeccable sense of balance. To ride this ride, one must be able to wear ten inch or higher heels.

Leather, scrap metal, whittled bone and scales appear to be the hot shoe trend this season. Thankfully, in this post-apoc wonderland of ours, that's pretty much all we have to work with.

The bad news? This may inhibit running slightly. The good news? Now that you can't run, you can stay and fight those zombies off with your shoes that double as weapons. I mean, look at that heel!

All the best lovies. Stay sexy!

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