Friday, October 9, 2009

Bomb the Moon? No, Can't Be - Miss Conquest


Wait... that can't be right.  Let me try again. 

Nope, there's video proof and everything...


Hm.  Guess it's true.

Ladies and Gents.  Here we were, all sitting pretty in this Apocalypse of ours, waiting to hear about which country might bomb which country next.  Might it be China bombing America?  Russia bombing France?  Brazil bombing Canada?  It was really anyone's guess.

Well, we missed something.  We took our focus off the sky for one tiny little second and...

We went and BOMBED THE MOON.

Now, before we get all up in arms Austin Powers style, the powers that be (or what's left of them) assure us that this wasn't an accident NOR an act of war against any cute and cuddly Moonlians (Love those fuzzy little guys!  They make Gizmo look homely.).  It also wasn't even really a "bomb," but a mere crashing of  satellite into the Moon's surface.

Come on people!  If you're going to bomb something, do it with FEELING!

Apparently NASA's little stunt was a last ditch effort to see if the Moon held some refreshing H2O for this parched wasteland we call home. 

You know what we horsewomen say to that???


That's right.  Forget Bali and Tahiti.  The new IT oasis destination will be none other than our Cheesy Friend in the Sky.  I'm going to book our trip ASAP before this little gem is overrun with tourists!

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