Saturday, November 28, 2009

Know Your Place on the Menu - Miss Famine

I am STUFFED.  The girls and I had a flawless Thanksgiving this year. (Only two zombie attacks and only one smoke detector incident.  Death is officially banned from the kitchen.)  We were all a little anxious leading up to the big event -- would Thanksgiving still be the same in the Apocalypse?  Would friends and family still gather and shovel food into their faces until they couldn't breath?  Would that weird uncle still be super awkward? Would the turkey rise from the dead as Zombie turkey?!

Yes! Yes! And sort of. (No worries. Zombie Turkeys are just as easy to cook and just as tasty as regular turkeys.  Just bite them before they bite you.)

I was so relieved that all of the the tradition is still firmly in tact, and we're now gearing up for a very merry Holiday season.  The girls and I even went shopping early on Black Friday.  It's so much less scary when you come prepared with your pretty machetes and pearl handled revolversCompetitive shoppers just leap out of your way.

But now that that's over, we're facing the scariest of all post-Thanksgiving traditions... LEFTOVERS.  Leftovers have always been a little risky -- How long does this all last? The green beans are moving, should I stop eating? Is the stuffing ok if it's congealed, white, and fuzzy? How many pieces of pie is too many to eat in one sitting?  (The answer is 7.  Just trust me.)

And ever since that apocalypse hit, we've had even more to worry about, like...when do WE become the leftovers?

Oh. That's when.

Happy Zombgiving, Everyone!

Miss Famine

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