Sunday, August 30, 2009

Miss Conquest: Internet Dating, Taking the Perfect Picture

After consulting with a male friend, Miss Conquest has decided that the one thing her online profile needs is a set of AWESOME PICTURES.  Many of the pictures taken of me in the last for centuries have been a tad... intimidating.

Which is hardly surprising. I mean I have been busy creating this fabulous apocalypse of ours, it's not MY fault that doesn't lead to many glamor shots.
But, that's no excuse for a bad profile shot.  So, I grabbed Miss Death and we hit the town to take some fabulous snapshots of the Mistress of Conquest... ie... me.

Bearing in mind some of the rules of thumb handed down from other online daters we picked a visually dynamic location, Denver:

Eratap Beach Resort, Vanuatu
And took a few close ups, a few medium shots with the other girls (it's always nice to show that you've got friends) and a few long shots to prove that my armored breast plate isn't my only charm (I've got some excellent gams too).  I went through my new pictures and selected a few that are full of smiles, open body language and just enough sex appeal.
I feel like it's important that these shots don't look forced.  I, personally, always avoid men with head shots, I mean, who needs to feel like they're dating a ken doll?  While guys are a little more "I want to date a model" obsessed, if you're looking for a real relationship, that head shot from your three month flirtation with musical theater when you were 19 won't do you much good.
So... now that I've got amazing pictures, I need to pick a new dating site.  There are so many choices, which one do YOU think Miss Conquest should try next?

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