Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miss War - Apocalypse, the Musical - Ripped from the Headlines

The news is SO much more fun here in the apocalypse, where anchors, the news worthy and an accomplished supporting cast are forced to perform a singing, and DANCING, version of important events of the day each night for the viewing public.

I mean, you have to compete with the zombies in the front yard for attention, you have to WORK for your ratings.

We Horse Women are THRILLED to congratulated Her Honor, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, BOTH on being officially confirmed to the United States Supreme Court AND on the totally awesome JAZZ NUMBER that she did to celebrate the announcement.

NOBODY can work a dance floor like the first couple, of course, but President Obama took the back burner today, keeping time with the occasional well placed finger snaps, but otherwise letting the gorgeous lady of the moment keep the spot light.

Meanwhile, the kids at fox news did a mime routine, so disappointed they were lost for words, and Freshman Senator Al Franken did a stirring rendition of "Good Day, Sunshine" on the five o'clock news to reenact his handling of the Senate confirmation vote.

I hear all the miming has attracted a few zombie herds over to the news studios. Guess nobody told them about the whole, Zombies LOVE mime thing.


All in all, FINE entertainment and a FINE moment in American history. Even the apocalyptic kind.

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