Friday, August 28, 2009

Miss Famine: Dining at the End of the World

Phew. After my killer breakfast this morning I had to take a nice long hangover nap. But I’m all refreshed now, which is good because I have less than 3 hours to prep for my dinner party tonight! Dinner parties during these apocalyptic times aren’t much different than they used to be. There’s still the same pressure to serve a delicious meal and make sure your guests have an entertaining and unforgettable time!

First, I go to work on the menu. My thoughts drift back to happier, less doom and gloomy times when I could serve up a lovely poached salmon or a nice Duck Breast with Frisée Salad and Port Vinaigrette. But I quickly shake them off. Mustn’t live in the past! I’ve been scavenging the “markets” with End Of Daisy all week looking for something to make tonight’s party a little extra special. I couldn't just serve the usual Spam and Tang combo. No, this time I found THE perfect non-perishable to serve: Tac Bac – Tactical Canned Bacon! This stuff will get you through the best of times AND the worst of times.

Now that I’ve opened the bacon and set it out to “breath,” I go about setting the table. I cannot WAIT to use these amazing place settings I found while pillaging what’s left of the local Crate and Barrel. Most of

the porcelain dishes and glassware didn’t survive “The Big One,” but this pewter set is nice and solid. Also makes for great anti-zombie ammunition.

My wine rack is empty thanks to a very successful Thirsty Thursday (hence the hangover), so I’m going to have to run out and grab a few bottles. But first I’ll visit our good friend, Robert Sharker for his advice about what wine goes best with Tac Bac.

I switch out all my day-to-day candles for the "fancy candles" (Electricity what? Not since the Waveries arrived) and then select my dinner music. Some classic Duran Duran, the soundtrack to THE ROAD, and some Nick Cave, will set tonight’s mood. I have some dancing music on standby in case Conquest and War are feeling groovy later – apocalyptic funk, Sinatra and Madonna, because those never die. I hope their dates like to dance, because I’m afraid Miss Death is bringing Mr. Grim Reaper, and he’s a total buzz kill when it comes to dancing. He’s all left feet, tripping on his robe, knocking people around with his scythe…

I haven’t really prepped any party games, but I can trust the Girls to bring those up naturally. (“Never have I ever… beheaded a guy instead of breaking up with him. Ahem. DRINK


Overall, I think this is going to be a successful dinner party! I even have some back up dishes incase some other friends decide to stop by. I have fresh monkey brains for the zombies and steak tartar for the vamps – and a brand new recipe for delicious Blood Fudge for dessert!

I can’t wait!

"The Apocalypse is nature’s way of saying, 'Let’s Party!'"

Miss Famine

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