Saturday, August 22, 2009

Miss War: Reviews POST GRAD

All Miss War has to say about POST GRAD is - "It's A Pre-Life Crisis" ?? Who cares! It's the apocalypse! Miss Bledel, an old favorite of the Horsewomen's from her Gilmore Girls days, updates her Rory role here to mixed success. But, now that it's the apocalypse, nobody really cares about a girl named Ryder's inability to decide between her fabulous job and the beautiful, successful young man who loves with desperately that she can't decide if she can be bothered to love back.

Her FABULOUS supporting cast, on the other hand, seems to be fully aware of our lovely disaster zone of a world. They wander through the movie, entertaining at will, and paying very little attention to the "plot." We Horsewomen DEMAND to see more of Michael Keaton in, well, anything. If he can shine in this little disaster, imagine what he could do in a real movie?

Our verdict on POST GRAD? It'll make a GREAT drinking game some day.

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  1. It makes a great drinking game right now!!! haha