Monday, August 10, 2009

Miss Famine: New Party Game -- Choose Your Own Apocalypse!

Miss Famine here. Ah, Mondays. It’s so hard to get going after the weekend isn’t it? And particularly after a weekend of hosting. I had the girls over on Saturday for a good old-fashioned dinner party at the hovel (more on the menu later). After dinner we settled in for some party games and we realized we were a bit tired of the usual – we’ve gone through all of the Apples to Rotten Apples cards, Charades gets old when Miss War chooses the SAME thing to act out every single time (sounds like: “Rapocalypse Cow”), and Conquest is constantly cheating at Hearts. And then End of Daisy stopped by and she has well…she has some losing…issues. So we tried to find a fresh, non-competition based game to play, and after some time on the Google, we discovered this amazing and glorious new website:

Choose Your Own Apocalypse!

Now I swear to you, we are not affiliated with this website at all, but boy did we play this game for HOURS. I felt like a little kid again reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but it was like this website was tapping into everything I am thinking right now! You just choose five possible causes for the Apocalypse (it’s fun to play make believe even though we already know what REALLY caused the end of days), and then the site tells you what kind of Apocalypse stems from those causes. The results were very telling as well!

For example I chose: Swine Flu, bottled water, obesity, pesticides, and antibiotic resistance, and apparently I’m a bloodthirsty misanthrope! Who knew!?

Miss War went in a much more…technological direction and chose: Media Piracy, The Matrix, Neo-Humans, Geoengineering, and something called a …Supercolider? And she’s a humanitarian internationalist! Ironically, in Miss War’s apocalypse…humans have a higher likelihood of surviving than in mine. I scoff at that.

Then Death went all “fire and brimstone” on us with natural disasters (except for “diet” of course) like: Floods, rising sea levels, hurricanes, ice age, and diets. She’s a Gaia-hating doomsayer.

Conquest decided she needed to expand her rolodex and wanted to meet something new and exciting so she chose: Alien invasion, modified organisms, space debris, and alien species and she was named a fretful doomsayer. Well, she is.

And to nobody’s surprise, Daisy chose: The Rapture, Isolation of Elites, Geographical Sorting, Wealth Gap, and Texas Succession and was too crowned a humanitarian internationalist.

All in all, this game is hands down our new fave. A barrel of fun, say the Four Horsewomen! Give it a try! But it’s addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

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