Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Miss Famine: Safety First!!!

Dear Readers,

Today a very astute and safety-minded friend brought to my attention this incredibly useful ZOMBIE EMERGENCY KIT (pictured below).

Now, I don't know how this slipped by the girls and me, but this is too important to ignore. After all, after "party," "fun," and "fashion," THE key word of the Apocalypse is "SAFETY." We all know about fire safety, and earthquake kits to store in your car, and bunkers for BOTH tornadoes and nuclear fall out. But now it's time to step it up. I'm making it my personal mission to get one or more of these Zombie Emergency Kits installed in every home and public building. Can you imagine sending your children to school without knowing that they're properly protected from an invading zombie army? Never! What if you're minding your business in your own hovel when a zombie breaks into your kitchen and steals your pot roast AND tries to eat your brains? Then what?

Don't be vulnerable for one more minute! Visit our brand-spanking-new Facebook page (yeah, you read that right) to sign our petition to make it mandatory to have one of these puppies in every building.

Home is where the blood red, beating organs lie,
Miss Famine

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