Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween is on it's way, protect your BRAINS! - Miss Famine

Oh I know what you're saying. "Miss Famine, what's with the melodrama? We protect our brains all the time!"

But with Halloween upon us, you know the ghouls, ghosts, vamps, were-beings, zombies and circus-folk will be out and about en masse, and you know how excited they get around this time of year.

So why not pick yourself up some cute decorations whilst protecting your adorable little brains.

And if you don't know about by this point, well you cute little cave-dweller, consider yourself schooled.

I was brainstorming (HA! Brains...) over this little mug o'java and I came across the Etsy Halloween Goods Feature. GAH! TWEEK! Excitement!

I ordered this Zombie versus Mummy Checkerboard to bring to the party at Miss Death's house (sure to be an extravaganza). Then, I ordered another Glass Jar with an Eyeball (God knows why, I've got plenty.)

After placing these orders, I needed a stiff drink. So I placed another order for these fantabulous stemless (HA AGAIN!) Skeleton Hand Wine Glasses. (Get it? Stemless? No arms?) and then I bought another VooDoo Doll (above) because I'm sick of that bitch at Trader Joe's giving me the stink eye when I bring 13 items to the 12 item line at the checkout.

And lastly, for your enjoyment, I like dis bunny. His name is "Bandito."

So start stocking up now for what promises to be a lovely Halloween, you little brain-suckers!

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