Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Music to Melt Faces - Miss War

I'm feeling particularly bad ass today, darlings, so unsnap those fanny packs and try to keep up. It's Music Wednesday and I've put together a list of new and old music that will help get you pumped for the next time some asshole zombie jumps you in the parking lot of the A&P when all you wanted was some Fudge Ripple Ice Cream.

5.  Megadeath - "Dialectic Chaos"
...cause when I first read the title of the track I thought it said "Diabetic Chaos," and I thought "shit, someone get David Mustaine some insulin!"

4.  Shakira - "SheWolf"
Oh Shakira, you sexy little vixen! (cat sound)

3. Motherboar - "Grillin and Killin"
Can't lose with either of those options.

2. Muse - "Uprising"
Who and their mother isn't forming an uprising these days? Sometimes battling the revolt of the lesser masses is effing exhausting.

1. Professor Murder - "Free Stress Test"
Go ahead, put your feet up and forget all about that Vamp that didn't call you back. He probably still lives in his mother's basement.

And lastly, here is a video of Sesame Street singing Slayer.  Grover can thrash.

 Happy Wednesday, you little freaks.

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