Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Til Death Do We Part - Miss Famine

oooOOO! Hello little survivors! I have been out and about and have been neglecting my posting duties. (Shame! Shame on me! slaps hand*) But I have a good, no, great excuse. I have been helping a fellow fashionista plan the Wedding of the Century (and I can vouch for this. I've been around for a few centuries, as it were.)

We've got it down to the last minute details and are busy as nuclear bees getting ready for this posh event.

The theme? Dark Alice in Wonderland. Why dark? What with the sun being blotted out by volcanic ash, we didn't have much choice. But it will be whimsical. Besides, dark weddings rule.

The bride will wear pink Carolina Herrera (no sense in that one wearing white. The jig is up..) and the groom will wear black to represent his dying youth and a decay into the wasteland of married life. Huzzah! If we are lucky, several guests will be beheaded by the time this is over, in true Alice fashion.

I've got some wonderful surprises whipped up for them. Hint: A grooms cake in the shape of the Bride and Groom's severed heads, complete with red velvet and blood filling.

God is in the details as they say. We will party like it's 1899. I will be posting photos after the party. All of the girls will be there too! Miss Death, Miss Conquest (she cleans up at weddings) and of course, Miss War.

More wedding updates to follow as the time draws near.

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