Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Beatles in your Apples! – Miss Conquest

During these turbulent times we often find ourselves looking forward with great anticipation and hope to unmistakable signs marking our coming Apocalypse.  And we wait.  And we wait.
And we wait.
But the status stays quo.
And the quo blows.
Today we were looking for some telltale apocalyptic signs hidden in the latest Apple conference announcing all of their new goodies.  But we found none.  No world-altering shifts at all.
Just some lower prices on iPods. You can now record video on your Nano. Your iPod Shuffle will now talk to you (well, ok.  Electronics talking back to you IS a sign of the apocalypse so… yay for AIs!).  iTunes now has iTunes LP with newfangled and “cleaner” features – video, liner notes, lyrics, etc.

What was NOT announced – not one tiny little peep, singing guitar note, nor harmonized bulletin – was the release of the Beatles catalogue on iTunes.  Not. Gonna. Happen (today, at least). 

It seems Apple and EMI still have yet to reach an agreement, so the Beatles music you all know and love will remain firmly on “compact discs” (you remember those, right?) until further notice. 

So there you go.  After all of that suspense, we will NOT be experiencing the 12th Sign of the Apocalypse today.


I guess I’ll just go get my The Beatles: Rock Band and practice so I can kick Death’s skinny little ass at Famine’s party on Saturday.

Oh the little things.
Miss Conquest

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