Monday, September 14, 2009

Perfect Accessories for Repurposing Your Summer Wardrobe for Fall... or Nuclear Fallout - Miss Death

The seasons have become a little random here in the apocalypse... Spring today, Winter tomorrow, Summer the day after that.  But, it is the season traditionally considered Fall, so lets talk about turning that breezy summer wardrobe into something that can survive Fall breezes and the more common nuclear fall out drill conditions.  

1. Scarves!

This is kind of an obvious one, but adapting the Spring and Summer scarf trend into cooler days is a smart way to update last years sweaters and jackets and take advantage of that silky scarfyou bought on impulse in July.  Scarves are, of course, the ultimate survival accessory.  The larger, floatier types that are stylish now double well as blankets, tourniquets, pillows, rope ladders and weapons.  Who could ask for more from an accessory.

2. Red Bags!

The "it" color for that "it" bag this season is siren red.  Red is a perfect, fun, poppy color that can add weight to flimsy summer dresses and give lightness to darker fall colors AND a smart choice for anyone in our apocalyptic age.  Need to flag down a rescue chopper?  Swing that bag.  Need to slip into a disaster zone?  Slap a + on that bag in white tape and suddenly you're a medic.  Need to scare away an alien? They HATE red, wave that bag in their face and off they go.  

3. Tights!

The perfect accessory for turning capris, summer dresses and rompers into the super stars of your fall wardrobe.  Opaque tights are going to be everywhere this fall, and not just because they keep your legs warm in those October cold snaps. 

Protecting your legs from cold is great, but there's so much more to protect those delicate stems from these days.  Toxic waste... Zombies... killer plant life... you name it, a good pair of tights will keep you safe from it. AND they'll make you're legs look smokin' hot.  

Downside?  We just don't see one.

Enjoy that Fall shopping kids!

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