Friday, September 4, 2009

In Theaters this Labor Day - The Apocalypse! - Miss War

Labor Day is the long weekend least noticed by the film industry, so, predictably, the movies out this weekend are a tad on the lackluster side, at least in quality.  But, there is PLENTY of apocalypse to go around on this lovely three day fiesta of bbq's, beach going and zombie hunting.

GAMER, staring Gerard Butler's pecs, Michael C. Hall's meniacle grin an Chris "Ludacris" Bridges soulful monologues, is an interesting depiction of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor's vision of the apocalypse.  If the trailers are any indication, it's a little lacking in space borne super plagues and alien tap dancing (we all know that's the most annoying part of the apocalypse, nothing with that many legs should be allowed on So You Think You Can Dance, it's just not fair to the two legged competition).  But, we Horsewomen always appreciate an imaginative re-envisioning of our work, so we're willing to give it a fair viewing.

ALL ABOUT STEVE, on the other hand, seems to be bringing about the kind of apocalypse that all of us can do without.  If the posters are to be believed, even the cast seems to think this movie is ridiculous.  The critics agree, universally, with the sole exception of The Globe and Mail.  Even we, the maven's of doom, have never dared create something so universally painful, embarassing and regretable.  When we destroy, we destroy in style.  When Phil Traill wrecks havoc, he draws it out into a long painful death.  We are usually big fans of Miss. Bullock, but even the most kick ass of ladies can make a mistake or two.  Check out the Horsewomen's Boutique for some of her great work, rather than putting yourself through this stunner.

Am I judging this movie unfairly without every seeing it?  Sure.  But I'm a harbinger of doom, if I didn't pre judge sometimes I'd never get any rest!

Pick your apocalypse, enjoy your weekend and let us know what you think?  Apocalypse by b-movie gore, or by over done movie princess insanity?  I know we girls will be out picnicking, shopping, cooking and enjoying our apocalyptic cinema options.

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