Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best New Pet - Miss Famine

It can get lonely, being stuck in your hovel during those mega electrical storms that are so common these days.  That's why everyone needs a pet.  Of course, a nice dog is a plus, and is always a useful survival tool here in the apocalypse (we all know that the dog always survives, it's a rule), but I do enjoy having more exotic pets around.

That's why I was so excited to find this little beauty wandering my neighborhood:

Of course, he needed quite a bath, and something to take care of the fleas, and I'm sure I'll need a lot of this... but he's just the sweetest thing! He's had a long trip from the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, and I'm so glad he made the trip.  He's far snugglier than his smaller, New York sewer loving cousins (and not just because most of them are radioactive now).   His species is technically called Bosavi Wolly Rats, but I call him George!  

I've had so much fun building him a new home. Of course, I needed about seventeen of those to make a house big enough for George! Now he's happily defending my kitchen garden, and keeping me company. Go snuggle your own pet in George's honor, they deserve it!

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