Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Wedding Planner from Hell! - Miss Famine

Ok, well not really from Hell. I just use my parent's address at their summer home to get better rates on my car insurance.

But let me introduce you to the newest POST-APOC WEDDING PLANNER on the wedding planning scene...ME!

Ever since Massachusetts ruled to allow Zombie marriages and Zombie/Human marriages, couples have been emailing and calling me to do their wedding planning. People have literally been dying to get me to help with their weddings. I'm trying to keep a level head about things, but I am truly touched. And so I will be undertaking (ha!) this new stage of my life.

And so for my first blog post, I present to you the wedding menu I have put together for a dearly beloved friend. (She had to die in order to find the zombie of her dreams. Some girls will do anything for their man.)

She and her zombience` are planning a casual garden wedding in October. October means dying leaves, Halloween and the dark harvest time. I can barely hold back the happy/sappy tears as I type this.

Cocktail Hour
Specialty Drink - Bloody Marys
Hors D'oeuvres  - Sweet Potato Fries in cones served on paint pallettes
Crispy Panko-Breaded Earth Worms
Eyeballs Stuffed with Lemon Coulis
Tartlettes of Stuffed Soul
Brains (I wasn't in favor of this but you know how zombies get.)

(wine pairing - 1990 Meursault, a great vintage)

Cream of Some Young Guy

Carved Loin
Roasted Femur
Eyeball Salad
Bone Marrow (It's no one you know, don't worry.)

Red Velvet Cake
Brain Cupcakes
An Array of Delicate Cordials and a Selection of Port

Stay tuned for more Zombie Wedding Planning. I'm learning as I go, but gee willikers, isn't this fun!

I love this new job, this new life and this new creative outlet. As the late, great zombie stylist Rachel Zoe puts it, "I die."

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  1. LMAO. rachel zoe is a great zombie stylist. that's great!